Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Setpoint Controller Using D1000 Module

The DGH D1000 modules provide a means of creating a setpoint oven controller. All D1000 series analog input modules contain this feature. Our example will be using a D1300 series thermocouple temperature input module. Using the Setpoint (SP) command to load the desired temperature setpoint control value into the module and then configure the device alarm values for the deviation around the setpoint.
For example, send the following command $1SP+00100.00 to device address 1 to load a temperature setpoint value at +100 degrees. Then configure the HI and LO alarms with the hysteresis values referred to the deviation from the setpoint value. In our example, the hysteresis values are set to 5 degrees from the desired control temperature of 100. The high limit would be set to +00005.00 and the low limit would be set to -00005.00 to establish the hysteresis affect.  Click here to the setpoint controller application note.

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